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Home Inspections on Long Island

No doubt you’ve looked long and hard to find the right property to purchase and now it's important to know its true condition. To make this assessment an inspection is needed.

Why choose an ‘Engineer’ over a ‘home inspector’?

Most realtors and attorneys refer to a home inspection as an "Engineer's Report."   That's because they know that a licensed engineer is a professional who is accountable for his work.  The only problem is that most people doing home inspections are NOT engineers!

They may be licensed as 'home inspectors', but such licenses are not recognized by the State of New York as having the same level of competence and authority as an Engineer’s license.  The difference is highlighted in the chart below:
NY Home Inspector Licensing Requirements
NY Professional Engineer Licensing Requirements
140 hours of training, including 40 hours of experience OR
A bachelors degree in Engineering
100 hours of in-field supervised experience under a licensed home inspector
4 years of engineering experience under a licensed engineer
Successful completion of exam
Successful completion of a two-part exam - 8 hours per part
By law, only an Engineer can give evaluations, recommendations and solutions regarding a structure and its systems.  A 'home inspector' may only comment on the condition of individual 'components' within a system. He cannot, for instance, legally state that "the structure appears sound," for this would be regarded as the practice of engineering, for which he is not licensed.  All too often I get a call from someone telling me that, "the home inspector saw a problem and recommended that it be looked at by an Engineer."

Don’t get caught in the scenario of having to decide whether to undertake the additional expense of another inspection.


Lloyd Howell's Qualifications 
Lloyd Howell is a New York State licensed professional engineer conducting home and commercial property inspections throughout Suffolk and Nassau Counties in Long Island. He is also a New York State licensed termite inspector, so that he can conduct both the property inspection and the required termite inspection at the same time.  Our clients save both time and money by having one person perform both inspections.
Additionally, he is certified as a pool/spa operator by both the Suffolk County Health Department and the National Swimming Pool Association.  If your property has a pool or spa, you will benefit from this added expertise.
Mr. Howell brings to his inspections more than twenty-five years of expertise in designing heating, air conditioning, plumbing and fire protection systems for both residential and commercial properties.  He also has had both electrical and structural training.

Mr. Howell has performed thousands of inspections throughout Long Island, ranging in size from small beach cottages to multi-million dollar Hampton homes.  No job is too big or too small. Our fees are competitive and set according to the size and scope of the property.

Check to see if your 'inspector' is a Professional Engineer 

First of all, he will have the designation "P.E." (Professional Engineer) after his name.

Sometimes, others refer to themselves as 'engineers' because they work in some related field and/or may have graduated from an engineering college, but ONLY persons who have passed the State licensing process are legally allowed to call themselves an 'Engineer'.

You can verify whether a person has this highly valued license by clicking on this licensing verification link.
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